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The Kohinoor Business School is a lively institute located in the heart of Mumbai city and has emerged as an effusively cohesive management institute of higher learning. The philosophy of Kohinoor Business School (KBS) is to “Bridge the Gap between Classroom Wisdom and Business Realities” and make students Industry oriented. Our mission is dedicated to creating responsible leaders of tomorrow through value based education and mentoring along with them having sound academic knowledge with networking skills.
KBS is recognized for imparting knowledge to students using a bouquet of innovative pedagogy like in the classroom teaching, out of class learning, immersion programs, industry expert talks, events, faculty-student collaborative research and many related activities.
At KBS - teaching/learning, mentoring, research, training and consulting are the five key areas of focus that motivate faculty and students. The institution is energetically engaged with the industry through several methods like expert talks, industry expert views on curriculum, contemporary and emerging areas of study, emerging research thoughts which helps us to stay relevant as per the necessities of the industry.
We are proud that in the past 12 years of our commitment to higher education, we have built a very strong alumni base and many of our alumni have achieved senior management positions in a short time. At KBS every student is supported, groomed and made ready for the corporate world. I invite you to visit KBS, Mumbai and experience the process of transformation of every student into responsible leaders.

Top business schools in Mumbai

Dr. Svetlana Tatuskar

Kohinoor Business School (KBS)