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General instructions for MMS Students towards Sem IV Final Examination and Mock Test

Guidelines on what kind of browser/device to use for a Proctored test:

  1. On Windows, Android, Macbook and other devices: Use Google Chrome Browser (at least version 83, or higher)
  2. If your device has a lower version of the browser, update the browser to the latest version.
  3. Once the test loads, you will see two Submit buttons, a Purple Submit button at the bottom, and a Green Submit button at the top. You must click on the Purple Submit Button at the bottom, and then click on the Green Submit Button at the top. If you forget to click the Purple Submit Button at the bottom, all your answers will be lost! So, ensure that you click on the Purple Submit button at the bottom (see picture below)
  4. Many of you may have multiple Google Accounts on your device. Before you take a test on AutoProctor, log out of all accounts by clicking here. Then, log in with the correct Google Account. Do not use Incognito or Private mode.
  5. To check if AutoProctor works on your system, take this demo test:

If this test loads successfully, then test assigned you will load successfully. You can attempt this test as many times as you want


  1. Mock Online Test would be conducted on Saturday the 26 th September 2020. Between 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm. It would be a 10 question MCQ Test
  2. Final Online Examination would be conducted on Saturday the 3 rd October 2020. Between 11:00 am to 12:00 noon
  3. Links for both the examinations will be sent to the students separately
  4. Mock Test and Final Examination will be conducted for following subject:

Please click on the subject to see the sample mock MCQ test 10 questions. Mock Test would be conducted on similar lines.

Final Examination will be 1 Hr consisting of 25 MCQs for 50 Marks