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Industry Immersion Project (IIP)


The industry immersion project is a way to bridge the gap between the expectations of the industry and the students developed in business school, the project is designed to have continuous evaluation and development of the student

The objectives of the project are as follows :
  • To sensitize participants about industry dynamics, its cross Functional nature and business realities at the grass root level
  • To help student obtain skills for
  • Team Building
  • Have relevant industry interaction
  • Facilitate the transition from traditional learning to problem based learning


The program is structured taking into consideration the concept of immersion project. It revolves around a multi strategic approach. The basic purpose of this project is to Understand, Analyze, Map, Bridge, Integrate and Implement. The participants in the program will work as a cohort and in teams as they move from one trimester to other trimester.

In the course of the project work, the group will undertake intensive and extensive research work with clearly defined objectives. At the end of the academic year, the students will prepare a project report which will encompass the analysis of the Industry, the Company and come out with Strategic recommendations.

The Break down of the project Credits are as follows :

The evaluation of the project report will be done in four phases each phase will amount to 1 Credit and 2 credits will be awarded to the Internship.

Distribution of the Industry Immersion Project

Delivery :

The course delivery should consist of lectures, field work in association with NGOs and public sector undertakings, guest lectures on various facets of this area and project presentations.

  • TRIMESTER II Topic Selection and Sector analysis
  • TRIMESTER III Industry Analysis (sectors and derivatives of sectors)
  • TRIMESTER IV Company Analysis (understanding processes and profit models of businesses)
  • TRIMESTER V Process Analysis (understand processes, find possible improvement)

Module 2: Sustainable development
Major topics to be covered :

  • What is Sustainable Development?
  • Defining Sustainable development, areas of sustainable development
  • Challenges in Sustainable development at the national and international level
  • Learning to be sustainable
  • Importance of Production and Consumption in sustainable development

Stage No of Credits
Summer Internship 2 Credits
TOTAL 6 Credits

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