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Kohinoor Education Trust (KET)

Kohinoor Education Trust (KET) under the aegis of Kohinoor group, which is in education since 1961, and has, over the decades, become known as the foremost entity to empower education for masses from KG to PG.
Grit and determination were the indispensable qualifications needed in candidates, to help initiate, guide and train the young aspirants in the areas of their choice.
Under its banner, the Kohinoor Education Trust (KET) has following Educational Institutions :

  • Kohinoor Business School (offering Management education since 2005)
  • Kohinoor management School (KMS)
  • Kohinoor International School (ICSE school since 2009)
  • Kohinoor Blossoms (Kinder garden School since 2009)
  • At KET we inculcate amongst our students the importance of life management. While giving them the latest technology to become global professionals, we also encourage our students to introspect and add value to society as sensitive, responsible human beings. Besides their academic development, we give importance to their social, cultural, emotional and spiritual growth.
    If our students go beyond the syllabus and make a difference as professionals and as human beings, we consider that our greatest achievement.

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