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Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

  • Introduction

    The Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a two year full time program approved by AICTE with an emphasis on developing the candidate’s ability to translate theory into practice. It aims at promoting an inquisitive & analytical mind, which proactively seeks the right knowledge, acquires the appropriate skills and promotes the right attitude to develop capabilities needed to manage enterprises in the 21st century.

    We follow module based pedagogy; there is a strong emphasis on practical project work as a part of regular courses at the school. While working on projects, students are required to interact with managers from the industry. At KBS (Kohinoor Business School), we believe work-life balance tips the scales in your favor when you venture into the corporate world. Keeping this in mind, we ensure our students have the opportunity and the means to pursue their talent and spend time doing extracurricular activities. We also encourage students to engage in social service activities. Besides “giving back” to society, it also lays the foundation for CSR activities, which are fast gaining importance in the corporate field.
  • Module Based Program Architecture

    The module based architecture can help integrate the subjects and facilitate cross-functional teachings. The course has ten modules spread across two years. The first year will have six modules with 40 credits. The second year will have four modules with 20 credits. The total credits for the course will be 60.

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  • PGDM Program Flow Chart

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  • PGDM Course Structure

    The two year PGDM program is a module based pedagogy. The program starts with two weeks of Orientation Program, followed by ten modules spread across six trimesters over two years.
    First Year: Trimester – I First Year: Trimester – II
    Module I – Foundation
    To bring all the students on same level of learning the following subjects will be covered:
    Module IV – Positioning in the Competitive Environment
    This course will bring together the following subjects:
    1. Financial Accounting
    2. Quantitative Skills
    3. Spread Sheet
    4. Learning Management
    5. Case Based Learning
    6. Basics of Communication
    0.5 credit
    0.5 credit
    0.5 credit
    0.5 credit
    0.5 credit
    0.5 credit
    Cluster I
    1. Financial Management
    2. Business Operations
    3. Business Law
    4. Taxation
    5. Cost Management
    Cluster II
    6. Human Resource Management
    7. Business Environment
    8. Mark Strat Simulation
    1.5 credits
    1.5 credits
    0.5 credit
    0.5 credit
    0.5 credit
    1.5 credits
    1.5 credits
    1.0 credit
    Credits – 3
    At the end of Foundation module the students will be assessed for their improvement.
    Credits – 8.5

    Module II – Foundation of Business Decision
    The module will lay the Foundation of Management. The module will cover following subjects:
    First Year: Trimester – III
    Module V – Decision Tools
    This will cover critical tools to solve complex managerial problems. The disciplines covered include:
    Cluster I
    1. Perspectives of Management
    2. Marketing Management
    3. Financial Statement Analysis
    Cluster II
    4. Business Statistics
    5. Business Computing
    6. Managerial Economics
    1.5 credits
    1.5 credits
    1.5 credits
    1.5 credits
    1.5 credits
    1.5 credits
    1. Business Information systems
    2. Decision Science
    3. Business Research Methods
    1.5 credits
    1.5 credits
    1.5 credits
    Credits – 9 Credits – 4.5

    At the end of First year, there will be a comprehensive examination for 2.0 Credits. Summer Internship will be for a period of 8 weeks and will cover 2 credits.
  • Specializations

    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Human Resources*
    • Systems / IT*
    • Operations*

    Note: *To facilitate the right delivery and collective learning mechanism, Specialization will be offered subject to minimum Enrollment as per the directive of management.
    Second Year: Trimester – IV
    Module VII – Core Electives
    Trimester IV will have electives in the respective areas:
    Second Year: Trimester – VI
    Module X – Integrative Challenge
    There will be 4 compulsory and Three optional electives Common Subjects
    International Business
    Sustainable Development
    7.0 credits1.0 credit
    1.0 credit
    It will integrate all the core and elective modules and will prepare students to have competitive advantage in their career. It will also have capstone project.
    Credits in Trimester VI – 9 Total Credits in Trimester VI – 4

    Second Year: Trimester – V
    Module VIII – Customization
    Module IX – Global Perspective
    These will contain the following subjects:
    This will have four electives in
    Niche areas. Common Subject
    Corporate Governance & Ethics
    4.0 credits
    1.0 credits
    1. Cross Cultural Management
    2. Emerging Markets
    1.0 credit
    1.0 credit
    Total credits in Trimester V – 7

  • List of Electives


    IVth Trimester Vth Trimester VIth Trimester
    Corporate Finance
    Investment Analysis & Portfolio-
    Financial Market Operations
    Derivatives Markets
    Management Control System
    Merger and Acquisition
    Corporate Governance in –
    Financial Institutions
    Project Finance
    Any Three
    International Finance
    Banking Operations
    Fixed Income Securities
    Corporate Law
    Quantitative Techniques in Finance
    Strategic Financial Management
    Any One
    Financial Modelling
    Indian Financial Markets
    Financial Econometrics
    Commodity Markets & Trading
    Any One
    Management of Financial Services
    Behavioral Finance
    Venture Capital and Private –


    IVth Trimester Vth Trimester VIth Trimester
    Marketing Strategy
    Consumer Behavior
    Market Research
    Integrated Marketing –
    Logistics and Supply Chain
    Business to Business –
    Retail Management
    Rural Marketing
    Any Three
    Sales Management & Promotions
    Product Management
    Brand Management
    Customer Relationship
    Any One
    Media Planning
    Marketing of Financial Services
    Social Media Marketing
    Any One
    Marketing By Numbers
    Marketing of Non-Profit-

    Human Resource

    IVth Trimester Vth Trimester VIth Trimester
    Performance Management –
    Employee Relations and-
    Labour Laws
    Training & Development
    Compensation & Benefits
    Strategic Human Resource-
    Human Resource Information-
    Competency Mapping
    Behavioral Dynamics in Organizations
    Any Three
    Learning & Change Management
    Statistics for HR Professional
    HR & Social Media
    International HRM
    Any One
    Emotional Intelligence
    HR Audit & Planning
    Economics of Labour & –
    Any One
    Managing Innovation
    Individual Dynamics & –


    IVth Trimester Vth Trimester VIth Trimester
    Logistics Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Advanced Data Analysis
    Production, Planning & Control
    Manufacturing Strategy
    Business Process Engineering
    Total Quality Management
    Outsourcing and Vendor
    Any Three
    Quantitative Techniques in-
    Material Handling
    Project Management
    Decision Analysis & Modeling
    World Class Manufacturing
    Any One
    Service Operations Management
    Product Design & Innovation
    Any One
    Cloud Computing &-
    Supply Chain Technology
    Innovation in Operation-

    Systems / Information Technology

    IVth Trimester Vth Trimester VIth Trimester
    Business Analytics
    Business Process Management
    ERP Systems
    Software Engineering
    Technology Ventures
    IT Services Management
    IT Project Management
    Any Three
    Managing Information Security
    Business Intelligence
    Cloud Computing
    Database Management
    IT Quality Management
    Any One
    Total Quality Management
    Business Dynamics of IT Industry
    Any One
    Generating Business Value –
    Through I.T
    IT Applications