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Research and Publication

Journal of Management Development & Research
Journal of Management Development & Research (JMDR) is a bi-annual peer reviewed academic journal, by ensuring its quality we aim to publish interdisciplinary and multifunctional academic and applied research across all the sectors of management in India and abroad.

The prime focus of the Journal is to welcome innovative & practical applications to enhance and enrich the original and conceptual management thinking and practices. JMDR acknowledges a wide spectrum of excellent quality researches mainly focusing through their research papers, case studies and field research works. We take the pride to share it as a knowledge platform with renowned management practitioners, and allow them to publish their precious and valuable research work to create a buzz aiming for acceptance and recognition, through paving path for optimization and sustainable work practices.

Research & Publications at KBS
Research is one of the highly respectable central core values of KBS. We encourage research as an aptitude and promote it through a well articulated series of supportive activities to corroborate strong and useful applied industrial solutions. It is churn out and can be viewed in the tangible formats of knowledgeable compendiums of Case Monographs, Case studies and original field research works. We organize research workshops to nurture our esteemed faculty resources to sharpen their skills and bring agile approach. KJMDR is one of such bi annual peer reviewed Journal, published with ISSN no. Annually we organize research conference dedicated to specific topics in the management area, keeping a focus of managerial researchers and encourage them to share their research paper, which is then published, as conference compendium.