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Women's Grievance Redressal Committee


Pursuant to the directions of the Hon’ ble Supreme Court of India in Vishakha case judgement, Women’s Grievance Redressal Committee has been constituted, to facilitate a gender-sensitive and congenial environment so that female student and women are not subjected to gender specific discrimination or sexual harassment and to uphold their dignity at KBS.

What constitutes harassment?

Any unwelcome sexually determined behaviour (physical, verbal or any other form) which violates a women’s dignity and interferes with her ability to operate freely at work and it would also include gender based discriminatory behaviour.

Grievance redressal mechanism

Any female student or women employees academic/non-academic (including contractual, casual and temporary) of KBS can personally approach/telephone/write e-mail to any of the members for redressal of her grievance.


The following members are appointed for Womens Redressal Committee for the academic year 2018-19

  1. Dr. Bharati Deshpande, Chairman
    Mail Id :
    Mobile No. : +919323256135
  2. Ms. Monica Eyles, Member
    Mail Id :
    Mobile No. : +919320157431
  3. Prof. Sandhya Tewari, Member
    Mail Id :
    Mobile No. : +919323277274
  4. Prof. Hardeep Kaur, Member
    Mail Id :
    Mobile No. : +917506008333
  5. Ms. Jayashri Mawale, Member
    Mail Id :
    Mobile No. : +919987686783
  6. Ms. Shraddha Joshi, Member
    Mail Id :
    Mobile No. : +918655083626