KET’s Schools of Management Faculty invited by ISTD to speak on Cross Cultural Competence

The Mumbai Chapter of the Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD) invited Dr Preeti Shirodkar, Associate Professor, Communication and Soft Skills, KET’s Schools of Management, to address a webinar on Cross Cultural Competence. ISTD is a more than 50 years old organisation of repute, which works as a knowledge sharing platform. In the webinar which was attended by over 75 Learning and Development Managers and Consultants, from all over the country, Dr Shirodkar covered the importance of cross cultural competence, through various practical and everyday examples and anecdotes. Based on her inputs, the participants asked very insightful questions, to which Dr Shirodkar responded through her expertise in the professional world. The feedback received by ISTD illustrated that the webinar was one of the most well attended and well received in recent times, given that it addressed a niche and pressing concern of the time.