Dr. Svetlana Tatuskar

Director - Kohinoor Business School

Director (KBS)

The business environment is changing with digitalization and technology accelerating this change.
In such changing times, when businesses and industries are transforming their way of working, organizations are keen that the management professionals that join them as their business leaders should multi task and possess all the skill sets that can enable businesses to sustain, propel and flourish.
We at Kohinoor Business School (KBS) are committed to the philosophy of – “Bridging the Gap between Classroom Wisdom and Business Realities” and making students Industry oriented.
At KBS we ensure every student develops into an efficient manager by imparting value based education of exceptional quality so that our students exceed the expectations set by the industry, especially in an era where technology is dominating, business needs are ever evolving and the world is growing into a smaller and smaller village.
We are proud that in the past 12 years of our commitment to higher education, we have built a very strong alumni base who have progressed well in their corporate career or have had successfully running entrepreneurial ventures.
It has been our persistent endeavour to provide efficient and socially responsibleyoung leaders to the business world who will contribute to take,not only the companies, but also the country to the next level of economic development.
I take this occasion to extend a personal invitation to you to visit KBS, Mumbai and experience the live process of transformation of every student into responsible leaders.