A Celebration of Women, for Women and by Women

Women Employees, women security personnel and women from the housekeeping staff of KET celebrated International Women’s Day with great enthusiasm, by going back in time to their childhood memories and spending time in each other’s company. In a celebration bearing the theme ‘Back to Childhood’, women employees went down memory lane by playing games like Lagori, Kho-kho, Blind Man’s Bluff, Langdi, Dog and the Bone and Isket and Tasket. Moreover, amidst the fun and games, women also enjoyed a great meal together. The celebration at KET was also unique in terms of the support that it gave to women entrepreneurs. The food was catered from a women run enterprise and the gifts that were distributed were also made by two women entrepreneurs. Hats off to KET for organising a unique and meaningful celebration, on the occasion of Women’s Day!