KBS Incubation & Innovation

KBS was established in the year 2010 with the offering of MMS program from University of Mumbai. University of Mumbai has Entrepreneurship management as a 4 Credit Course and is offered as an elective to Semester II students of MMS program.

Based on the above the institute decided to add on a new dimension to its present eco system by having innovation and incubation centre. The idea of creating this centre has come from students during the year 2017-18. The centre is known as KBS Incubation and Innovation Centre.

The Primary Objective of the centre is

  1. To Increase awareness on entrepreneurship
  2. To Inspire E-cell members to become entrepreneurs.
  3. To Make entrepreneurship relevant and accessible through story telling
  4. To facilitate for creation and transfer of knowledge by conducting technical workshops, seminars, visits for the students
  5. To Provide an opportunity to the students for various innovative activities on Campus such as Idea Generation related to Business, Filtrations and Processing the Idea thereafter

To give a shape and dimension to the centre students under the guidance of a faculty approach Wadwani Foundation to carry out the entrepreneurship activities under this cell. MOU was signed with Wadwani foundation in the year 2019, though the activities commenced in the year 2018. Under the MOU, Wadwani foundation will:

  1. Provide the required academic for starting entrepreneurship cell: Giving access to the Learn wise LMS of Wadwani Foundation. This software enables faculty and students to have access to Teaching-Learning methodology relating to entrepreneurship, provides an opportunity to build business modules
  2. Provide the support to start the E-Cell
  3. Providing finance through angel investors for students who clear advance program and are interested to have their own start-up.