KET’s Schools of Management in association with Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX India Ltd) organized a two-day Management Development Programme (MDP) on financial Markets, Commodities & Trading Strategies.

The programme began with a session by Dr Svetlana Tatuskar, Director – Kohinoor Business School, on the dynamics of financial markets, various financial institutions, financial instruments and broad investing guidelines, thereby creating a foundation for the sessions to follow. Thereafter, Mr Tushar Sadakal, Faculty of Finance – Kohinoor Business School, conducted a session on Derivatives’ Trading Strategies, by explaining concepts of derivatives with live examples. He further delved into understanding charts and creating strategies for trading. At the end of day one of the MDP, the participants were equipped with a broad knowledge of financial markets. Day Two began with a keynote address by Mr Shrikant Koundinya, Assistant Vice President – Training and Education – MCX India Ltd. Mr Koundinya shed light on the significance of commodity markets, in the economy and linkage of commodities markets with other markets. He also spoke about various commodity exchanges across the globe, with an emphasis on how exchanges aid price discovery and also provide a risk management platform for commodities traders. Mr Ashutosh Vasisht, Assistant Vice President – Training and Education – MCX India Ltd, further highlighted the factors that affect commodity prices. He also explained the two pillars of commodities trading through various market examples and pay off illustrations. Moreover, he elaborated upon the operational aspects of trade in terms of margin, settlement days, different types of settlement etc. The day concluded with participants receiving the certificates for the MDP programme. The MDP, across 2 days, underlined how the derivatives markets can be used for risk management. The participants also gained practical insights about the market and trading strategies which could be used to trade effectively.