Opening doors for New Growth Opportunities: KET’s Schools of Management signs an MOU with Villa College, Maldives

KET’s Schools of Management – Kohinoor Business School & Kohinoor Management School, Mumbai, India entered into an Academic Collaboration with Villa College, Faculty of Business Management, Maldives, in pursuit of institutional growth and contributions, especially in areas of research and teaching.

The delegation from Villa College, Maldives, visited KET’s Schools of Management, to formalise this academic partnership between both the institutions. The delegation was led by Dr Ali Najeeb, Vice Rector, Abdul Munnim Mohamed Manik, Deputy Vice Rector, Finance Administration, Abdulla Nafiz, Dean, Faculty of Business Management and Ismail Nasheed, Deputy Principal, Villa International High School.

The delegation spent an entire day on the KET campus, to deliberate and discuss about how this collaboration could lead to a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and resources, between the two institutions. The delegates addressed students and faculty members, on the activities that are outlined as a part of this collaboration, such as faculty exchange, joint research and consulting, joint management development and executive development programmes, exchange of academic information and material, joint conferences, seminars and advocacy programmes, coaching and mentoring of staff and students and student exchange. The signing of the MoU was completed in the presence of CA. Sunil. G. Karve, Hon. Chairman, Governing Board, KET, Dr. Svetlana Tatuskar, Director, Kohinoor Business School, Dr. Sandeep Sawant, Director, Kohinoor Management School and Dr. Preeti Shirodkar, Associate Professor, Kohinoor Business School.

The collaboration will open new avenues of learning and research for students, from both the institutions, who would now have the opportunity to understand global issues though practical exposure to each other’s countries. This relationship will create innovative ideas and opportunities for the students and faculty of both the institutions and, most importantly, both nations. Looking forward to a mutually enriching exchange between both the institutions!